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Our Story

Our story is one of connection and collaboration, as we curate our home decor items through local artisans and vendors who share our passion for a contemporary yet natural aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from our extensive international travels, particularly our European journeys, we've infused our collections with a dash of continental allure. It's in the cobbled streets of Rome, the rustic cottages of Provence, and the sleek design sensibilities of Scandinavia that we find our muse.

It's not just about selling decor; it's about creating homes

We understand that the right elements can transform a house into a haven. That's why we offer in-home styling services for those seeking that expert touch to add the final strokes to their living spaces. Whether you're looking to refresh a room or reimagine your entire home, our team of seasoned stylists is here to bring your vision to life.With a commitment to quality, authenticity, and a design ethos influenced by the world, Collected Living Co. invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, one that transforms your house into a home that reflects your unique style and experiences. Welcome to our world of curated living.

In Home Styling

Looking for design consultation for your living spaces?

Our in home design services are designed for those in need of anything from styling your bookshelves, to putting the finishing touches on your living room. Looking for design expertise without the full service model, but needing that consultative approach to designing your home. 

Meet the Team

Founder & Principal Designer of Colette Interiors

Trish Lynn

Based in Chatham NJ, Colette Interiors is a full service interior design firm specializing in designing spaces that are approachable, elevated, and meaningfully collected. Led by Principal Designer, Trish Lynn, Colette Interiors designs at the intersection of timeless and modern.  Her aesthetic approach starts with a clean lined and minimalist mindset, then layers in warmer materials and natural shapes and textures to create spaces that are authentic and livable (and uniquely yours). Trish believes in designing a foundation that is built to stand the test of time. She focuses on layering in elements that reflect and redefine the cozy and collected lifestyle  moments for her clients. To truly create a space that feels like “home”.

In-Home Designer

Danielle Casalaina

Danielle’s passion for styling and design organically transpired through her own home renovations. Her simple and timeless style with a sprinkle of modern creates warm and inviting spaces. As a mother of four, Danielle knows how important it is for a home to be beautiful, yet cozy and functional for family and friends to enjoy year after year. One of Danielle’s favorite aspects of interior design is building a relationship of trust with her clients through listening to understand their needs to create a home that reflects their personalities.

In-Home Designer

Christine Clark

Raised in the military lifestyle of moving every few years, Christine developed a love and passion for setting up a home with style and beauty.  As an adult, her and her husband made many moves themselves while living locally and abroad, as well as have taken on renovations of some unique period homes.  Although she is an RN by education, Christine is creative by nature and her talents are best put to work in helping others create their perfect home space.  As a seasoned mom of three grown children, she has an appreciation for a home that is functional, well appointed yet inviting, modern yet timeless, and ready to share with family and friends for entertaining. 

In-Home Designer

Hilary McDonald

The daughter of a fine art and antique collector in Boston, Hilary learned at a young age the joy of a curated home. Through roles in fashion and as an event planner in NYC, Hilary honed her skills in creating visually stunning and harmonious environments. However, it was her passion for interior design that truly captured her heart. 

Hilary believes a home should be a peaceful haven reflecting one’s unique style, and she finds nothing more satisfying than helping others create spaces that they are proud to call their own.  Guided by impeccable taste and an appreciation for complimentary styles, Hilary is committed to helping clients experience the joy that a thoughtfully designed home can bring.

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